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I am not sure if this is the correct way to add something to the discussion
since I haven't before, but here goes:
I was working with the B.L.M. out in Price, UT in the summers of 1992 and 1993
and had the good fortune to actually participate in the excavations at the
Utahraptor (and Nodosaur, who's fossils are all mixed in with the raptor)
 site. I learned from paleontologists there representing both the College
of Eastern Utah and tha B.L.M. that it was NOT Jim Kirkland who discovered it,
but actually a local guy who stumbled upon the site and who hoped to keep
it a secret so that he could sell the fossils to the Moab Rock shop. The site
is actually named for THIS man (I am sorry, I have forgotten his name).
Then, apparently, one thing led to another and it was Jim Kirkland who ident-
ified the deinonychus (UTahraptor) and took over from there.  
If there is anyone out there who knows the name of the site, please feel free
to back me up!

H. Sanders