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Of Frills and Such

A recent posting here decried the frills on one of the Jurassic Park
dinos. Granted, there's probably next to no evidence for such on the
dilophosaur, I have a couple of old press articles describing similar 
features on two others.

The first is from December 1992, an article referring to a discovery by
Stephen Czerkas of Utah of skin impressions from a then undescribed 
sauropod. The tail had spines, like an iguana, and they may have continued
up its back. This find ws from north western Wyoming.

The more recent article is from October 1993 concerning a find in Antarctica 
of a theropod by William Hammer. This critter had a pompadour like head crest,
prompting the nickname "the Elvis dinosaur".

I've seen nothing in the press since then on these two finds. Perhaps
I need to get on that there Dinosaur Times thing everyone's talking 

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