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Re: JP dinos, T.rex vs Epanterias

> A question: I continually read (in even recent books) about how the T.rex is
> the "largest terrestrial carnivore ever" or words to that effect.  Is this
> still true? What about the "Epanterias amplexus" reported in various popular
> journals circa 1990?  The articles were stating that this dinosaur, an
> ALLOSAUR, was 50 feet long, as large as or larger than T.rex.  Has
> "epanterias" ever been officially described and confirmed to be that large?
>  Or have later T.rex findings served to keep T.rex "king of the hill"?  In
> Horner's "The Complete T. Rex", he states that "Sue", found in 1990, was at
> least 5% larger than any previously found specimen of T.rex, and the length
> was established at about 40 feet.
> Just wondering,
Yes, there is fossil material, tentatively referred to Allosaurus which
represents a theropod larger than any Tyrannosaurus material.

Here are some possibles:

Saurophagus (Morrison Fm., Oklahoma)
Epanterias  (Morrison Fm., Colorado)
Edmarka rex (Morrison Fm., Colorado)
and a theorpod? from India said to be up to 50% larger than Tyrannosaurus. 

---John Schneiderman <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>