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Re: FAQ's

How about also:

1)  Are all ancient reptiles dinosaurs?

2)  I heard there were mammals around when the dinosaurs were alive.
What were they like?
  Do we know why they replaced the dinosaurs?

3)  I heard someone say that birds were dinosaurs.  Is that true?

4)  What killed the dinosaurs?

5)  Dinosaurs lived in swamps, right?

6)  Dinosaurs and people lived together, right? (And, aren't there
tracks in Texas that
  prove it?)

7)  Scientists are always saying things like "Triceratops lived in the
  late Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago".  How do they know
  how old things like dinosaur fossils are?

Some of this is pretty contentious, of course, but the answer could be a
summary of
the current state of science, including pro-and-con, where relevant.

Larry Loen