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possible FAQs

These are possible questions which might be frequent... inspired by popular 
books, and popular misconceptions.

* Are there any Dinosaurs still around?
* Might there be some still, in the depths of Loch Ness/jungles of 

* Were dinosaurs reptiles?
* Were dinosaurs lizards?
* Were dinosaurs cold-blooded like lizards?

* Popular books suggest dinosaurs might be warm-blooded - were they?
  How can we tell?

* Are the Pterosaurs (flying lizards) Dinosaurs?
* Are the sea-going "dinosaurs" actually Dinosaurs? (Icthyosaurs, Mosasaurs, 
* Were there any sea-going Dinosaurs?  If not sea-going, were any swimmers?

* Are crocodiles Dinosaurs?
* Are Birds really considered to be Dinosaurs?

* Were dinosaurs scaley?
  (reports of fur on Pterosaurs; speculation of feathers on bodies pre-Archie)
* How did scales change to feathers/fur?

* Did dinosaurs lay eggs?  Did they raise them like birds, or abandon them like 

* How fast did they move?
* What did they live on?
* How big were they?
* How small did they come?

* How intelligent were Dinosaurs?
* Did some (Stegosaurs,...) really have two brains?
* Is it true the brains of the big Dinosaurs were only the size of a walnut?

* Are the frozen Mammoths of Siberia Dinosaurs?
* Is it true that some Dinosaur remains were found in a coal mine last century 
  and thawed out to yield preserved meat? (Or a scaley thing that flapped 
  away/croaked and died then disintegrated...)

*** Jurassic Park (that great Authority on Dinos, courtesy of Prof.Spielberg)

* How big were Deinonychus and Velociraptor?
* Did Dilophosaurs have frills and spit poison?
* Could we clone a Dinosaurs starting from a frog's egg?
* Have we really extracted DNA, blood,... from Dinosaur remains?

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