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Re: FAQ's

From: larrys@zk3.dec.com
 > >In the seas there were plesiosaurs (long necked sea beasts),
 > >ichthyosaurs (the reptilian equivalent of dolphins),
 > But _were_ they reptiles?  I suspect not, that body plan is built for
 > a powerful swimmer. If they weren't out-and-out warm-blooded, I suspect
 > they were at least as much so as modern tuna.
They are certainly not mammals :-)

Most still classify them as reptiles.

Also, if dinosaurs are wram-blooded (still controversial), and
retained in Reptilia, then there are other warm-blooded reptiles.

If I remember corectly, the Ichthyosaurs are now actually believed to
have been derived from lepidosauromorphs (the lineage leading to
modern lizards and snakes).

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