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new dinosaurs

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>I have seen a few new dinosaurs being reported on via E-mail.
>So far: Argentinosaurus
>        Pelecanimimus
>        Timimus
>        Sinraptor
>        Utahraptor
>        Cryolophosaurus
>If there are any other dinosaurs that you know of that have been reported
>on this year, please send message about them via E-mail.
>Also:  Tyrannosaurus found in Saskatchewan, Canada
>       giant Camarasaurus in Colorado

Pelecanimimus polyodon is from:

Pe'rez-Moreno, B.P., J.L. Sanz, A.D. Buscalioni, J.J. Moratalla, F. Ortega,
and D. Rasskin-Gutman.  1994.  A unique multitoothed ornithomimosaur
dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain.  Nature 370: 363-366.

It just came out today, so it will be awhile before some institutions (like
the USGS, dammit!) get their copies.

I'll get the info on the others tomorrow or Monday.


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