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Re: Carboniferous

From: Tracy Monaghan <monaghan@cac.washington.edu>
 > Which leads to my next question:
 > Why are the two periods called Misissippian and Pennsylvanian?

For the same reason that msot other time periods got the names
they did - to commemorate an area in which a typical sedimentary
sequence of that age occurs.

That is, there are really good, observable, extensive beds
of Mississippian age in Mississippi, and idnetically for

 > (I presume Carboniferous refers to a time when carbon (petro) formations 
 > were laid down?)

Not petroleum, *coal*.  The Carboniferous was formerly called
the Coal Measures. [The meaning is more that coal beds are
typical of that time, rather than that all coal beds were formed

And coal is typical of the Mississipian and Pennsylvanian beds
in the USA as well.  The major coal mines of the US are in beds
of those ages, especially Pennsylvanian.

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