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re:FAQ on dino definition

To Thomas Holtz et al:
   Your diagnostic definition of Dinosauria is fine except that it
excludes Segnosaurs and a few other oddballs, since these are not
clearly derivatives or near relatives of Iguanodon or Megalosaurus or any saurop
oppodomorph.  I find it rather difficult to list valid autapomorphies
uniquely discriminating  Dion>[D>[Dnosauria from Archomaur>[D>[D>[D>[D>[D>[Csaur
ence may
be screwed up if I understand my computer now?) :(.

I've been lurking silently on the FAQ dialog because the field season is nearing
Re (hunting begins in Sep.t and I a away mostly.  The lists I
read look generallyt>[D>[ good.

david Schwimmer