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re:FAQ on dino definition

 From: "Paleontology Columbus College, Georgia" 
 > To Thomas Holtz et al:
 >    Your diagnostic definition of Dinosauria is fine except that it
 > excludes Segnosaurs and a few other oddballs, since these are not
 > clearly derivatives or near relatives of Iguanodon or Megalosaurus
 > or any sauropodomorph.  I find it rather difficult to list valid 
 > autapomorphies uniquely discriminating  Dinosauria from Archosauria

A recent issue of Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences provided some
very good evidence that the Segnosaurs are derived from Theropod
ancestry, probably from a Maniraptoran ancestor.  [The evidence
consists of the discovery and description of an intermediate genus].

I think the synapomorphies that Dr. Holtz lists are adequate
for the FAQ, at least once they are annotated into a form that
beginners are likely to be able to understand.

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