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Feet don't fail me now!

On Fri, 5 Aug 1994, Mike Hoffmann wrote:

> >  > >That is, about 3.5 ft.
> >  > Current U.S.G.S. policy is to use metric.  :-)
> > But seriously, the main reason I noted the conversions is
> > that the FAQ is to be aimed at beginners, who, in the USA,
> > are not likely to be very familiar with metric.
> I know that there probably aren't that many non-Americans on the list,
> and I can handle both, but I would like to suggest that both metric and ...
> what do you *call*that measurement? Imperial? Anyway, that both feet and 
> meters
> be used. :-)

As a suggestion, measurements could be given in International System of
(metric) units, with US Customary System (feet, etc) provided 

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