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Fwd: Re: silly questions 2

well, I tried to send this open once and missed, so heres trying ageain.....
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Subj:    Re: silly questions 2
Date:    94-08-07 16:17:38 EDT
From:    Flyinggoat
To:      swf@elsegundoca.ncr.com

Hey, so I go away for a week and all the good questions start flying.
  1>  If feathers were present in archosaurs, did the development of fur and
hair(not the same thing, as I understand it) occur in the same age as the
development of feathers, or did one predate the other?  If one came first,
what was the span of time between  our  first representatives of true hair(or
fur) and our first representives of true feathers?
2> for the FAQ thing.I have seen pictures of ichthyosaurs where  they have
been found giving birth to a fairly well developed baby.  I know whales will
give early births when killed by whalers. Are ichthyosaurs like whales? did
they breathe air? What thecodont group developed into ichthyosaurs?  I
believe cetaceons developed from a bovine-type ancestor, were there
similarities to their development in ichthyosaurs?
3>what thecodont group developed into pterasaurs?  was this of the group that
had hair(or fur), or did the pterasaurs ever develope any body coverings on
their own?
4>on the conventialities of nomenclature...I went to the Museum at Blackhawk,
in Danville. and they have a small museum on the mammal finds in the area.
 This is where I found out that Eohippus isn"t Eophippus anymore.  Is this
done by the same Commitee that does dinosaur nomenclature? does the renaming
of Eohippus make sense to anybody? what is it called now?  For that matter,
Centrasaurus is now called Eocentrasaurus. What caused the name change here? 
 Hugs and kisses