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big crocs

sheeesh! You'd think I'd forgotten how to to this....
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Subject: crocodiles and pineal glands

     Well. I don't think I've been contradicted, yet.  I'm still going over
the notes that were posted on the function of pineal glands, so I may find
something in the translation that may prove me wrong in the future, but so
far, I think, it still looks like having a pineal gland helped surviving
through the K-T barrier.
     The really big crocodillian is a large argument in it's favor, because
it had survived into the Pleiocene, and it had a large body mass, and
crocodillians have pineal glands!!!!!  Quite probably the largest individuals
did not survive, but the large species did actually make it through the
     Troodon did not survive(as far as I know, however the finds  after the
K-T barrier discussed that dinosaurs were found, but I don't know for sure
what types or species did).
   I will do more research into pineal gland function before I write more on
this subject.   I still want to know why Troodon and Velociraptor didin't
make it and the crocodillian did.
  --------------------hugs and kisses

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