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hominid footprints

     I know this probably won't come up, cause this is a dinosaur group, BUT
there have been fossil hominid footprints found of hominids that weren't
faked(as far as we can tell, now)
  One was in Africa, near the site where Lucy ws found. Two australopthiceans
walked across recent ash from a nearby volcanic eruption that then later
preserved their footprints.
   Two was actually before one, and was maybe 20(?) years ago in France, when
a cave containing what is believed to be a Neanderthal clay sculpture of a
bison and footprints in the clay around it. (note: when I took Cultural
Anthropolgy classes,10 years ago, they were saying then that neanderthals
didn't do any art, and cro-magnon man did. How things change.....)