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Re: Fwd: Re: silly questions 2

Flyinggoat wrote:

>  1>  If feathers were present in archosaurs, did the development of fur and
>hair(not the same thing, as I understand it) occur in the same age as the
>development of feathers, or did one predate the other?  If one came first,
>what was the span of time between  our  first representatives of true hair(or
>fur) and our first representives of true feathers?

This is a bit difficult to be accurate on. The first indirect evidence for
"fur" is with _Cynognathus_, an Early Triassic (approx. 220 Mya) therapsid
(mammal-like reptile) from South Africa. Fossil footprints associated with
this form retain the impression of what might be "fur" (sorry I cannot find
the reference for this).
Since the first feathers are from the Jurassic (140 Mya), the gap seems to
be around 90 million years. However, if _Protoavis_turns out to be a bird
(something which is becoming increasingly unlikely) then feathers were
around approx. 210 Mya making the "gap" 10 million years.


It is a well known fact that all the ills of the world can be traced
directly back to the mineralization of the notochord in the Cambrian.