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RE: Re: Atlantosaurus/Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus

>  This is not for the FAQ, being perhaps a little too involved. But the redis-
>cussion of "Brontosaurus" stirred another thought that I would like to have
>settled. If a new find (a more complete specimen) that matches the 2.5 sacral
>centra shows that this animal should be included in the same genus as Apato-
>saurus, does this mean that "Brontosaurus" is going to have to be renamed AGAIN
>to Atlantosaurus? Does this ever end?

Since we now have complete specimens, and since every dinosaur worker
(except for Bakker) agrees that Brontosaurus = Apatosaurus, then it has
ended.  The analogous elements between Apatosaurus and Atlantosaurus are
known, and sauropod experts like Jack McIntosh agree that there is not
sufficient agreement to synonymize the two.

And if it all ended, what would taxonomists do for a living? :-)


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