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Re: possible FAQs

> > * Were dinosaurs scaley?
> >   (reports of fur on Pterosaurs; speculation of feathers on bodies 
> > pre-Archie)
>They seem more to have been naked-skinned, rather like an elephant,
>but with lots of bumps.  At least this is true of the larger forms.
>So far we do not have any skin impressions or mummy casts of smaller
>dinosaurs, so what they were like is still a matter for speculation.

I think I may have missed this one before -

There is no evidence for "naked skin" (=glandular skin, such as mammals
have).  All dinosaur skin impressions show scales.  These scales are mosaic
scales, subcircular scales of various sizes, as in crocodillians and
turtles.  They do not show overlapping scales, such as most lizards and
snakes have.

There is a skin impression now of Pelecanimimus, which has "structural
fibres" of some sort present.  I have yet to get a good copy of the photos,
so I can't say more about them now.  They sound mighty suspicious,


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