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Re: hominid footprints

 From: Flyinggoat@aol.com
 >      I know this probably won't come up, cause this is a dinosaur group, BUT
 > there have been fossil hominid footprints found of hominids that weren't
 > faked(as far as we can tell, now)
 >   One was in Africa, near the site where Lucy ws found. Two australopthiceans
 > walked across recent ash from a nearby volcanic eruption that then later
 > preserved their footprints.

Quite true - the Laetoli footprints are real (though some have
claimed they were bears, not hominids - not that I believe this
mind you).

They are also only about 5 million years old - *long* after the
last dinosaurs died out.

 >    Two was actually before one, and was maybe 20(?) years ago in France, when
 > a cave containing what is believed to be a Neanderthal clay sculpture of a
 > bison and footprints in the clay around it.

I believe I remember hearing about such a site, though it may
have been Cro-Magnon, not Neanderthal.

However, now we are getting to dates of less than 100,000 years ago.
>From that date on, *human* footprints (not merely hominid) become

[I am sure that there are *numerous* human footprints from more
recent localities - one just never hears about them, since they
are so ordinary].

 >  (note: when I took Cultural
 > Anthropolgy classes,10 years ago, they were saying then that neanderthals
 > didn't do any art, and cro-magnon man did. How things change.....)
That sounds about right, even with newer finds.

Certainly the neanderthals didn't do much art as spectacular as
the cave paintings, or even the carved ivory handles, of the early
modern humans.

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