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Re: Fwd: Re: silly questions 2

 From: tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov
 > The Eucentrosaurus (true horned lizard, not dawn horned lizard) name was
 > suggested just in case the name Centrosaurus was considered occupied. 
 > However, the older name Centrosaurus had not been used (outside of a list
 > of names) for five decades before the dinosaur was named, so the change is
 > probably not required.

Ah, so the reason for the appeal *is* that the other Centrosaurus
is a "forgoten name"!

[For a brief time a forgotten name , one not used for 50
years, was *automatic* grounds for rejection, but the rule
had some nasty side effects in small groups that are only
studied once every 50 years or so, and the rule was replaced
by one requiring an appeal to the Commission.  In a case like
this, the Commission will almost certainly declare the other
Centrosaurus to be "suppressed", thus saving the dinosaur's name].

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