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Re: DINOSAUR digest 165

> From: Flyinggoat@aol.com
> Subject: hominid footprints
>      I know this probably won't come up, cause this is a dinosaur group, BUT
> there have been fossil hominid footprints found of hominids that weren't
> faked(as far as we can tell, now)
>   One was in Africa, near the site where Lucy ws found. Two australopthiceans
> walked across recent ash from a nearby volcanic eruption that then later
> preserved their footprints.
>    Two was actually before one, and was maybe 20(?) years ago in France, when
> a cave containing what is believed to be a Neanderthal clay sculpture of a
> bison and footprints in the clay around it. (note: when I took Cultural
> Anthropolgy classes,10 years ago, they were saying then that neanderthals
> didn't do any art, and cro-magnon man did. How things change.....)

I'm probably stating the obvious, but here goes foot into mouth...

I don't think the original comment meant to dispute the existence of
hominid footprints, just the co-existence of hominid footprints with
dinosaur footprints.

Andrew Robinson