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what ever happened to..........?

   Hey!  Last year about this time I went to the UC Berkeley Dept of Geology
open house(which was a lot of fun, but they won"t do it again till they
finish their remodelling in 95), and I met this quiet and nice man from
somewhere 'back east" that had been at a dig looking for turtles, and had
found the most complete avisaur to date.  
     The papers were all excited that we seem to have found an early
bird-type, but in doing research on this afterwards, I found that the
Dinosauria (UC Berkeley press) hardly mentions Avisaur since all earlier
finds were so incomplete. and I've been watching for updates on this
particular find, and have seen nothing.  
     What happened?
     I saw the actual skeleton, and what with the nearly complete wing, and
partial head, I'd think that the dinosaur-to-bird people would be all over
it.   Where does Avisaur currently fit in the bird-from-dinosaur development?
---------------------hugs and kisses