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Re: The "Commission"

 From: Chris Illes <chris_illes@qm.claris.com>
 > The "Commission"
 > >From someone outside these bounds, who or what are they and what do they do?

I do not remember the exact title (my copy of the "Code of
Zoological Nomenclature" is at home) - it is somehting like
the Commission of the Society for Zoological Nomenclature.

They are chosen by the International Congress of Zoological Nomenclature.
Their job is overseeing the application of the rules of zoological
nomenclature - that is the rules that zoologists use in determining
the correct name of an animal.

The main thing they do is consider special, unusual cases, to
determine if it is appropriate to suspend the rules for that
case.  As part of this job, they maintain two lists, a list of
names that have been rejected, and a list of names that have
been specifically preserved against other names.

Unless they rule otherwise, biologists have to follow the
letter of the rules.  When the letter of the rules conflicts
with the intent of the rules (stability and clarity), the
Commission may be petitioned to do something special about it.
[The exact procedures for doing so are spelled out in the Code].

This is why, given the facts presented here, I am confident that
Centrosaurus will be preserved (placed on the list of conserved
names), and the non-dinosurian Centrosaurus will be placed on the
List of Rejected Names.

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