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Re: Another simple question (I think)

From: A really swell guy who plays go! <rking@mailhost.flir.com>
 > At Dinosaur Park, they used abbreviations I thought I understood, but now
 > have doubts about the specifics.  
 > In their classifications, they list the genus and species usually.  Its
 > the exceptions that threw me.  
 > One listing was:   Pachycephalasaurus n. gen., n. sp.

Hmm, this is odd usage;  'sp' by itself or 'sp indet.' means
the species is unknown.  In journal articles this set of abbreviations
means "new genus, new species", and is used to clearly mark that
the author is *intending* to name a new genus and species.  (This
combination, both together, means the species is intended to be
the type species).

But in a *museum* *label*, I have no idea what this means,
especially with *no* species name listed!  (But see below).
 > another:  Tyranasaurid n. sp.
 > another  Somethingasaurid sp.
 > Forget my assumptions, what does it all mean?
Well, these last two should probably be read as: "this is a
specimen of an indeterminate member of the family Somethinasauridae".

[Was the Tyrannosaurid a tooth by any chance?  Tyrannosaur teeth
are generally indeterminate].

So, I must then suppose the first was also an "indeterminate"
label, but whay it marked the genus as well, I do not know.
Perhaps it should be read as meaning "probably Pachycephalosaurus".

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