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Re: Laetoli footprints

 From: Neil Clark <gxha14@udcf.gla.ac.uk>
 > At the Hunterian Museum we have a cast of the footprints from Laetoli. 
 > They definately are hominid.

Oh, I agree, that seems to be the case.

I just mentioned the alternative, because bear tracks *are*
similar to human tracks, and have been known to fool people.

In this case the details of the prints rule out bears.

 >   The interesting thing is that the hominids
 > that produced the footprints stood fully erect rather than bow-legged
 > like most other apes.  The footprints were made by an adult male with a
 > female stepping into his footprints and a young child trying to keep up
 > beside them.  These features are thought to be very advanced for 5MY old
 > hominids. 

Quite - the reason for the fame of these tracks is more for their
modern aspect at such a (relatively) great age then for the simple
fact of ther being hominid footprints.

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