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OOPS.  Forgot to complete a sentence.

>>What I was trying to get at was that if Pelecanimimus is closer
>>to Ornithomimidae than Harpymimus is, then there are three valid
>>alternatives, unless one is a cladist:
>>      1) place both Harpymimus and Pelecanimimus in
>>         Ornithomimosauria
>Actually, this is a perfectly good cladistic option, and the one I take.
>>      2) place both in the paraphyletic stem group, whatever
>>         one wishes to call it.
>>      3) place Pelecanimimus all by itself in a more derived
>>         group than Ornithomimosauria; which seems like excessive
>>         splitting to me.
>I agree.  However, you do exactly that with your

This should read:

I agree.  However, you do exactly that with your usage of "Alxasauridae"
below.  That name is based off of the single species Alxasaurus


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