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new western NAm dinosaurs

Here are two new dinosaurs from western North America recently published. 
I don't know if someone mentioned them in my absence, so I appologize if
I'm just repeating old info.

Mymoorapelta maysi (Ankylosauria: "Polacantidae")
in      Kirkland, J.I.  & K. Carpenter.  1994.  North America's first
pre-Cretaceous ankylosaur (Dinosauria) from the Upper Jurassic Morrison
Formation of Western Colorado.  Brigham Young University Geology Studies
40: 25-42.

Note: "Polacanthidae" is in quotes because it has yet to be formally named.
 I had hoped that Kirkland & Carpenter were going to do that in this paper,
but no such luck.

Koparion douglassi (Theropoda: Troodontidae)
in      Chure, D.J.  1994.  Koparion douglassi, a new dinosaur from the
Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of Dinosaur National Monument; the
oldest troodontid (Theropoda: Maniraptora).  Brigham Young University
Geology Studies 40: 11-15.

Note: Chure refers this tooth taxon to the Troodontidae.  Unfortunately,
subsequent to his submission of the paper troodontid-form teeth have been
discovered in nontroodontid dinosaurs (therizinosauroids, and possibly
early ornithomimosaurians).  Although this taxon is unquestionably valid
(being distinct both from valid troodonts and also all Morrison taxa), it
may not be from a troodontid.


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