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Amargosaurus, Argentinian Titanosaur

Has anyone seen any fossil material from Amargasaurus, the Argentine sauropod
with exceedingly long dual veterbral processes that create a double row of
   Does anyone have any idea if this feature may have been a double sail or a
single wide ridge with connective materials between the two processes?
   I am writing a piece for the soon to be launched magazine  (ages 7 to 16)
Dinosaurus, and I want to resolve some questions about this beast,
particularly for illustrative purposes.
   I need to know something about the animal's normal Jurassic-early
Cretaceous habitat. It appears to be a Titanosaur. What anatomical features
are indicative of Titanosaurs?
   I would also like to ask if anyone out there is an illustrator. I can use
samples of work to see if I can put together a stable of illustrators for the
publication. Someone responded to this question a month ago, but I lost the
correspondence. Please reply: Pterodan@aol.com. Or write Kim Robert Nilsen,
Dinosaurus Magazine, HCR10, Box 152, Keene, NH 03431.