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three impacts at the K-T boundary

In light of the comet or asteroid impact on Jupiter, it seems plausible that
the K-T boundary is the tailsman of a multiple impact on earth.
   The Deccan Trap flows in India date from 66 million and, according to some
recent publications, the flows overlay sediment littered with shocked quarts.
   The Chixulub crater off the Yucatan is dated to 65 million and is, of
course, associated with shocked quarts and tsunami rubble throughout the
   The long eroded and filled in crater in Iowa also dates from 65 mya.
   Perhaps the earth was bombarded, much the same way Jupiter was, with
direct impacts in both North America and Asia, creating direct effects on
those continents and, of course, indirect long-lasting effects worldwide.
   Any thoughts on the potential for multiple impacts?