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Re: three impacts at the K-T boundary

 From: tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov
 > >In light of the comet or asteroid impact on Jupiter, it seems plausible that
 > >the K-T boundary is the tailsman of a multiple impact on earth.
 > >   The Deccan Trap flows in India date from 66 million and, according to 
 > > some
 > >recent publications, the flows overlay sediment littered with shocked 
 > >quarts.
 > Not entirely true.  The Deccan Traps are a series of flows, interbedded
 > with sedimentary layers of both Cretaceous and Tertiary age.  Thus, the
 > flows began well before the end of the Cretaceous, ...

Also, unless my memory is playing tricks on me, I seem to remember
that the shocked quartz layer associated with the Deccan's is in
one of those interbedded sedimentary layers you mentioned.  As I
understand it, most think this layer is derived from the Chicxulub
impact, not a seperate one.

[An impact the size of the Chicxulub event would through debris
into the stratosphere, or even into outer space, so the shocked
quartz could easily pepper the entire Earth].

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