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digs looking for volunteers

Hey!  I took this out of the San Jose Mercury News 8.13.94 calendar of

EAST BAY-FAMILY FOSSIL HUNT.  Search for real fossil fragments under the
supervision of instructors.  1-3 pm Saturday(TODAY), UB Berkeley-Museum of
Art, Science, and Culture, 3700 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville(CALIFORNIA),
$7, $4 children/seniors.  (510) 736-2280 ext.236

    They aren't looking for dinosaurs, but rather elephant-types, hyeanas,
horses, camels, rhinos, and antelopes, but it's still fun and HOT!!!  As I
understand it, Blackhawk Ranch is running out of funds, so this year may be
the last they'll be open to the public like this..........The Museum is
mostly dedicated to classic cars and modern art, but the small permanent
exhibit of anthropolgy and paleontology is good, and was taken from the
"vaults"(the spare rooms of the bell-tower on campus) of the UC Berkeley
Anthropology and Geology depts.
   From the same phone number you can also get a hold of the fund-raising
event "Buy a Piece of the REX" in which the UC Berkeley Dept of Geology is
attemptting to raise money to help in the remodelling of the Geology
building, and setting up a permanent exhibit of dinosaurs and other
prehistoric life.  One of the things going in is a life-size cast of a T.REX
and they are selling "adoption rights" to his anatomy to raise money.  Teeth
are $25 a piece, and bones start at $25 and go up to whatever..........
     Now, remember, they get to keep the bones!