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Fwd: re: rust removal

I found this on the ROCKS-AND-FOSSILS mail group, and I was curious, myself
Forwarded message:
Subj:    re: rust removal
Date:    94-08-20 01:26:19 EDT
From:    rocks-and-fossils@world.std.com
To:      Flyinggoat

> This idea hits home because we deal with such an approach
>everyday...vertebrate paleontology preparation is one of the last of the
>disciplines to come out of the dark-ages in terms of techniques and
materials and
>thinking about our activities with "conservation-mindedness".  What "works" 
>(ie. shellac, glyptal, elmers glue, epoxy, duco, film desolved in acetone,
krylon, etc.
>ad infinitum...) is often terribly damaging in the long run, but it it seems
to "work"
>at the time.

What are considered "state-of-the-art" methods and materials for dealing with
fossilized bones these days?  For stabilizing bone material in the field or
the lab, for gluing bone fragments and for filling in missing bone?  What is
the availability for amateurs?  A friend of mine uses glyptal cut with
in the field.  What should I suggest to him?


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