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Re: New Zealand

On Fri, 19 Aug 1994, Neil Clark wrote:

> Dr Joseph McKee is visiting me from New Zealand today.  He has offered
> to provide me with news of what is going on in that part of the world. 
> If anyone gets this message in time, I will pass on any questions you
> may have.  I shall report on anything I think may be relevant to the
> group anyway.  He is here to look at our vertebrate collection (which 
> includes several specimens collected by Gideon Mantell).
> Neil Clark
> gxha14@udcf.gla.4ac.uk
> Hunterian Museum
Aug. 22,1994

Greetings!  I'm an elementary school teacher coordinating a 
telecommunications project for Washington State Office of Public 
Instruction entitled, "Dinosaurs In Modern Times."  This integrated 
curriculum project, which I am still writing, will involve student 
research on the Internet about dinosaur past and present excavation sites
, using selected excavation sites as the hypothetical sites of modern 
dinosaur habitation. Students will be making predictions about how dinosaurs 
would interact with the ecology and neighboring human populations of 
these sites if dinosaurs had not become extinct.  I am presently in the 
process of selecting suitable excavation sites for the project and would 
be interested to know if Dr. McKee would have any suggestions from his 
part of the globe (New Zealand,Australia, ?).  Ideally the sites would 
involve Cretaceous or late 
Jurassic finds and either be currently excavating or fairly recent.  I 
would also need to know the locations of the nearest museum or university 
with information and/or displays.  E-mail addresses of paleontologists at or
near the sites, museum e-mail addresses would also be extremely helpful.  
Thank you.

Milana Gallen
OSPI Moderator
Dinosaurs In Modern Times Project
Pioneer Elementary
2301 M St. S.E.
Auburn, Washington 98002