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New Zealander on list

Just in case people think that the visit of Dr McKee is their only chance
to talk to a New Zealander, I'll briefly introduce myself. I'm a free-
lance science journalist, mostly natural history and environmental issues.
Prior to that I was at the Museum of New Zealand, where I developed an
interest in extinct birds, which I'll be going back to school to study
post-grad next year, funds willing.

Like most New Zealanders, I've been following Joan Wiffen's dinosaur
excavations with some interest, because I was taught in school we didn't
have a dine fossil record, supposedly having been too isolated from the
rest of Gondwana. My hope is that future digging will uncover more of what
we're not supposed to have had - terrestrial mammals. This may seem a bit
laughable for American readers who can go find a T rex in your spare time,
but down here it's a big deal :)


Mike Dickison