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Re: New Zealand

> On Fri, 19 Aug 1994, Neil Clark wrote:
> > Dr Joseph McKee is visiting me from New Zealand today.  He has offered
> > to provide me with news of what is going on in that part of the world. 
> Greetings!  I'm an elementary school teacher coordinating a 
> telecommunications project for Washington State Office of Public 
> Instruction entitled, "Dinosaurs In Modern Times."  

> I am presently in the 
> process of selecting suitable excavation sites for the project and would 
> be interested to know if Dr. McKee would have any suggestions from his 
> part of the globe (New Zealand,Australia, ?).  Ideally the sites would 
> involve Cretaceous or late Jurassic finds and either be currently 
> excavating or fairly recent.  

New Zealand hasn't got a large number of excavation sites for dinosaur
remains.  Essentially there is one, near Napier, where remains have been
found from about 7 different types of dinosaur.  These are represented by 
_very_ few bones indeed.  New Zealand was essentially placed in a near 
shore environment during the Cretaceous and all the specimens were washed 
into this environment from afar.  There is a rich fauna of marine reptiles
and pterasaurs though.

Most (if not all) of the New Zealand dinosaur specimens have been found 
by Joan Wiffen and the Napier Palaeo Society.  Joan essentially took 
up fossil hunting to keep herself occupied when she retired.  Her 
book "Valley of the Dragons" is certainly worth reading.

Australia has a much better fossil fauna.  Current excavations at 
'Dinosaur Cove' are turning up lots of interesting specimens.  I'll
post references later if necessary.