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re: lost fossils, damaged sites

 One simple solution to combating some of the damage done to fossil sites by 
ignorant hunters is
through education.  The Outreach programs which are available through many 
Natural History Museums
can make a difference by educating amatures to the importance of using proper 
techniques in the
finding and the preservation of fossils.  Professional paleontologists need to 
share their expertise
with amatures. By stressing the importance of proper handling and cataloging of 
fossils perhaps
fewer fossils and sites would be damaged.

I realize that probably the majority of damage is made by money grubbers who 
care more for the money
than they will make than the knowledge that can be gained by the study of these 
Unfortunately there will always be these kind of people in this world.

There are many people who just want to be able to hold a fossil and look 
closely at the detail
to learn first hand about ancient life on earth.  An alternative for some of 
these people is to buy high
qualtiy fossil replicas.   I work with Skullduggery which manufactures and 
sells replicas thru mail order 
to people all over the world. Replicas can provide people the opportunity to 
study fossils without
adding to the frenzy of the buying and hoarding of original material.

If there is any interest I would love to read what this group thinks about the 
selling of replicas.
I feel that it is important that the museum or individual who owns the 
original, from which
a replica is made, be paid a royalty for each cast sold. Any comments?