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Old find being dug up

The only dinosaur bones found in Oregon is being dug up.  According 
to the Oregonian newspaper, 70 pounds of sacrum were found in 1969 in
the Cape Sebastian area (southern Oregon coast).  The bones belong to
an unidentified duckbill, designated currently as CSD-1 (Cape Sebastian
Dinosaur 1).  The bones have been undisturbed because of the hardness
of the rock they are embedded in. The bones will be stored/studied at
PSU, and will not be available for public display.  Unfortunately, due
to the hardness of the rock, no further exploration will take place.

Apparently the dinosaur lived in the California area, and was pushed up
with the coastal plates.  Just what we needed, another Californian
immigrant! :-)

Would anyone here have access to the PSU storage areas?  I'd love to
see this myself.  

I never knew it existed before today.  Does anyone have any REAL info
on this dude?

-Randy King