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Re: Coelursaurs

From: "Alex W. Hertzog" <ahertzog@ozarks.sgcl.lib.mo.us>
 > I recently checked out Bakker's _Dinosaur_Heresies_ from a local library, 
 > and I saw a picture of what appeared to be a coelursaur (specifically, 
 > Deinonychus, as I recall) with feathers. That's the first time I'd ever 
 > heard of that possibility. What I'd like to know is, how probable is it that 
 > deinonychus had feathers? Is it accurate?
The real answer is we don't know.  However ...

Since brids apparently evolved from small theropod dinosaurs, and
feathers originally evolved as insulation before they were co-opted
for flight, it is extremely likely that *some* small theropods
had feathers.  Which ones, however, is totally unknown at this time.
[Feathers are *extremely* rare in the fossil record - even most
bird fossils lack feathers].

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