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Re: replicas & museum funding

>>There used to be a trade in casts & actual specimens among museums. 
>>However, many musuems are really strapped for funds, and can barely keep
>>their own staff on hire, so that finding the funds for transportation and
>>mounting (at the bare minimum) are prohibitively expensive.
>>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
>Have you asked for volunteers to help mount fiberglass casts? If I lived near
>a museum, I would be happy to volunteer time to do this kind of work, and I
>think others would, too.
>The revenue from the sales of casts to the public could more than pay for more
>preparators to mold them.

One "problem" with this is occupational hazard/insurance - some
organizations would regard working with fibreglass as "hazardous", so that
they might not allow volunteers to do it.  However, this would probably
depend on the museum, and deserves serious thought.
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