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replicas; museum funding

Skullduggery manufactures and sells casts under license agreements with various 
museums, it is our strict
policy to pay royalties for every cast sold to the museum which has the 
original.  It works very well for
museums to be able to receive quarterly royalty checks. Our customers also like 
the fact that they are
contributing to the museum's coffers.

Skullduggery's customers are museums, museum stores, paleontologists, teachers 
and amature fossil collectors,
but a large portion of customers is the general public who has an interest in 
natural history and
paleonotology. When the public has access to top quality replicas, they are 
more likely to leave the
original materials to the scientific community. 

I would be glad to answer any questions. Our catalog can be accessed via 
internet at vmall@onl.com
(text only).