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According to tholtz@geochange.er.usgs.gov:
>> I'm surprised that museums don't sell more replicas in their souvenir shops. 
>> I
>>think it would be a marvelous way of both funding the museum and promoting
>>paleontology. I know I bought a T.rex tooth replica at the Royal Tyrrell
>>Museum. I would like to buy a T.rex skull replica, but the cost (thousands of
>>dollars) is ridiculous.
>The main reason - money.  Museums are being forced to let preparators (as
>well as curators) go because of lack of funds.  If the research specimens
>aren't being prepared, there certainly isn't someone around to do multiple
>copies of attractive specimens.

My company, Ants, hopes to help in this regard by collaborating with museums
and investigators with our various projects. Up to this point, however our
stuff is all scale models, not full sized casts.

Doing multiple casts (well) is rather tricky, too. a few is easy, hundreds are
another ball of wax :)

---Merrick Burkhardt