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Re: Fossil collecting,hunting,non-pro

On Tue, 30 Aug 1994 Lightwaves@aol.com wrote:

> I am not a professional palentologist, but I am extremely interested in dino
> bones.  I am even considering returning to college to become one of the
> 'elite' that are legally allowed to walk for hours in the burning sun, head
> down.
> I must say that I have found a good sized bone in SE Wyoming and reported it
> to the Geo survey, and felt good about doing the right thing.  I feel those
> of us non-pro's that report such findings should be rewarded with permits to
> continue this method of discovery.  I'm NOT in this for any profit of any
> kind!
> Why don't some of you pro's sponsor us, and use us as the many extra sets of
> eyes we can be.  Nothing would give me greater satisfaction than knowing one
> of my walks in the desert brought either a new species, or perfect specimen,
> to the light of acadamia.
> I plan on continuing my endevors in amateur palentology, laws, policy, or
> views of a select few.  I have not kept anything one could even ID, except
> that it is a dino bone.  Some of us do believe we can contibute, and are
> willing to go to some risk, if need be.
> If I happened upon a complete T Rex, or Velociraptor, yes I would give up the
> millions for science. Gladly and happily.
I am also an amateur dinosaur prospector, but I work in the north east
corner of Wyoming, especially the Sundance area and the Lusk area.  To
date I have found a partial allosaur and partial ceratopsian both of which
I informed individuals of the South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City
and the Wyoming State Highway Dept.  I did not disturb the sites and have
kept an ongoing vigil on the sites.  To date only the allosaur site has
been worked by individuals from the South Dakota School of Mines and
another University (can't think of the name) as a for credit field class.
---John Schneiderman <dino@cwis.unomaha.edu>