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Dig opportunities

In light of the discussion about helping dinosaur work I thought I should
offer this information for those interested.

For those of you interested in participating in dinosaur dig I will be
running my third annual expedition next summer (1995) near the end of July
or early August (dates to be set this fall) for approximately two weeks.
For the last two years we have been working with the South Dakota School of
Mines and Technology at a site in the Morrison Formation west of Sundance
Wyoming. We have been involved in the discovery of a fairly complete
Camarasaurus, other sauropod remains (part of an Apatasaurus) several small
unidentified theropods, parts of two or three ornithopods, as well as
Jurassic mammals, turtles, crocs, and fish. 

It is likely that we will continue to work with the SDSMT, however I have
also been working with private site on a ranch in South Dakota in the upper
Cretaceous Hell Creek. We now have part of a Hadrosaur and a ceratopsian as
well as alligator and turtle sites to possibly work on. Thus next summer I
may choose to work at this new site to recover some of this material for
research and display here at the U of I Museum of Natural History (my local
sponsor of these past digs with the SDSMT). We also will be doing more
exploration work in the Hell Creek on this ranch.

In the past we have charged participants $400 which is how we get our costs
to run these digs (materials, transportation for leadership, ect). I expect
that at the new site we will still charge between $300 to $400, but I need
to figure out costs. We make no money but try to operate on as bare bones
as we can so that the participants can affort to be involved in this
scientific and educational program.

This cost does not include food, lodging or transportation to the dig
sites--participants provide their own vehicles food and lodging via nearby
motels, campgrounds, ect. If I choose to work at the new site, and the
rancher really wants us to come and do some work so this looks good,
participants will be able to camp near the ranch house. At any rate if any
of you are interested in participating in our program next summer (details
to be worked out over the fall) please leave me your name, phone, address
(mail and email) and I will keep you on our mailing list. 

We will take about 8-12 people for this dig so space will as always be
limited. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Part of our
purpose in running these digs (and they are work believe me) is to promote
proper training of non-proffessionals in the proper techniques for working
with dinosaur and other fossil vertebrate material. We are especially
interested in those individuals who have really been wanting to help out
and it sounds like the conversation about digs and such has drifted in that
direction so I thought this is a good time to start recruting for next

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