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Museum buyers

Where are the museum buyers?

Lately we have been hearing a lot of  hype about selling our tracks only to
museums and not to the general public.We would like nothing better.   Most of
the Universities  and Museums I know of that maintain track collections  have
little interest in acquiring nor have room to store any more tracks.

I am a private collector and dealer specializing in dinosaur tracks. We have
probably the largest collection of the finest tracks available to the market.
Some of our slabs are covered with layers of very deep tracks and all are on
relatively thin and light matrix. Most all of our tracks have varying degrees
of preparation ranging from an hour to several days per piece. We have about
20 years experience in this specialized type of preparation.

    We also sell detailed hand painted casts of  exceptional trilobite
specimens an will soon be working on a series of track casts.

  For a illustrated catalog send $2.00 to:

    Connecticut Valley Jurassic Fossils
  264 Silver St.
 North Granby, Ct.. 06060
     (203) 653-7856