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Re: T-Rex debate

> On Sun, 11 Dec 1994 Lightwaves@aol.com wrote:
> > Let's put this issue to rest, as I'm sure we all have opinions concerning
> > T-Rex and its dinning habits.  We are defeating the lists effectiveness by
> > arguing points unsolvable, and illogical.
> As a non-paleontologist, I learned a lot from the discussions and 
> multiple points of view.  There were a number of aspects of the question 
> which were new to me, and I found the examples from contemporary animals 
> that people gave in support of various opinions to be quite interesting.  
> That the question will likely never be settled doesn't matter.
> A clear subject line such as "T-Rex dining" would enable anyone who is 
> bored to skip the message.

Yes, I agree with Judy; I thought there were a lot of "meaningful"
things which came up in the course of the T-Rex debate, rather than
just squabbling. In fact, I have yet to see much if any squabbling on
this list, a nice change from some other lists I subscribe to. 
And I don't think that arguing about it is "illogical" at all. A 
VP of large stature made a controversial assertion about a dinosaur, and
we, as paleontologists (or in my case, enthusiasts), debated its merits
and logical points. 
As to Judy's point about deleting messages that don't interest you,
I agree, but having been through similar discussions on other lists,
it appears that some internet providers don't offer services that 
robust. Some apparently just send you a lump of mail, take it or leave it.
That being the case, I still feel that the debate over T. Rex was 
entirely appropriate. Sorry if it offended anyone. And while I feel for
those who have to read through what they're not interested in, keep
in mind that others are interested, and it's not mecessarily "wasted
bandwidth" because you aren't interested.

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