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Re: Flight

  Bill Barbour
Assistant Education Curator
Natural Science Center of Greensboro writes about the origins of flight and

I just viewed a NOVA episode called "The Case of the Flying Dinosaur" that
discusses this very thing.  Dr Larry Martin, a fossil bird specialist at the
University of Kansas has reconstructed  Archaeopteryx from resin casts of the
actual fossil bones.  He claims that he had little choice in how the bones
articulate, (or at least in how he articulated them) and says that his
reconstruction seems adapted for climbing trees, much like a primate.  Thus,
he theorizes, that powered flight evolved from gliding from the tree down
rather than from running and flapping from the ground up.  Archaeopteryx also
lacks the deeply keeled breast bone and wishbone of modern birds, but does
have asymetric aerodynamic flight feathers very much like modern birds.
  Archaeopteryx could fly, but I'm still confused as hell as to how it
arrived at it!?  Anyway I recommend this video!  I'd like to hear more about
this too.

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