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Absent logic

I believe the matter of whether T-Rex, and other carnivores, were scavengers
or predators is a matter of observing the species we now cohabitate with.

Example #1:  Turkey buzzards of  north America occasionally take live prey,
and I have personally seen them kill cottontail rabbits.  I am not sure
whether it was a preference for fresh meat, or the lack of carrion, but it
happens.  They  worked as a team to glide at very low altitude while chasing
the rabbit in a wide circle, much like silent beagles, keeping the rabbit in
an open field.  When one bird would lose the angle, or have to gain altitude,
another would take up the chase.  The result was the same as a pack of
wolves, a kill of live prey.

Example #2:  Cougars in the western USA feed on road kill deer.  The ONLY one
I've ever seen outside of a zoo was doing just that in the middle of the
night.  I've talked to other outdoor-persons that have heard of the same
behavior, or witnessed it themselves.  The skilled hunter taking fresh food
where it's easily available, rather than hunt for it.

Example #3:  Polar bears feeding on the washed up carcass of a Hump-back
whale.  I watched that on the discovery channel, and there was a group of
bears working the whale.  Again confirmed hunters feeding on really rotten

Example #4:  Yellow-Jacketed wasps will take meat in any form, any time they
can get it.  They will kill larger insects, or chew off chunks of a deer hung
to cool.

The fact that Tracks had the ability to smell in no way limits its food to
carrion.  I'm sure other dinos had unique odors and Tracks  could trail them
that way.  Surely a Tracks, or gathering of such,  would eat for days on a
Sauropod struck by lightning, or fell by some other malady.  Food is never
easily found, now or then, and a T-Rex is no different than a polar bear or
yellow-jacket in that it must eat.  I know I would hate to have been an
immature Triceratops not Sauropod if a hungry Tracks was prowling the area,
herding or not the threat was terrible.

Let's put this issue to rest, as I'm sure we all have opinions concerning
T-Rex and its dinning habits.  We are defeating the lists effectiveness by
arguing points unsolvable, and illogical.

Some of us not only have to pay for an internet connection, but the phone
time as well, and to read 80 letters on the same subject is illogical.  Sure
we're all entitled to an opinion, and I'm all for that, but there has to be a
limit to everything.  Just because "someone" says "something" do we abandon
our common sense and hop on the bandwagon?  Think about it the next time you
munch a big mac, are you a predator or scavenger?  Then ask yourself if it
really matters, you're eating and that's what matters.

Dinos may not be with us anymore, but  the cycles of life hasn't changed all
that much.  We come into this world, we grow, we mate, we die, if we're

Does anyone have a list of the new species discovered in '94, and if so could
we get a posting of them on the list?

Could we also get a compiling of proven discoveries, aside from new species,
during the past year? ( like old information being proven wrong, ie
oviraptor, ect.)

Let's put the list to good use and further the study of VP, and leave endless
squabbling to politicians and religious fanatics.

Sermon over.