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Re: Australian dinosaurs after the K/T boundary?

>On a National Geographic special on PBS this week, mention was made that
>dinosaurs may have survived beyond the K/T boundary in Australia. The reason
>given was that Australia was near the south pole at that time, and this
>acclimatized the dinosaurs to the colder weather that followed the K/T
>Does anyone know what evidence this claim of dinos beyond the Cretaceous Era is
>based on?

None I am aware of. It is possibly speculation i.e. somewhere like
Australia MAY have dinosuars in the Tertiary due to it being so far south.

>Have fossils been found above the boundary layer in Australia?

Considering this would be world-breaking news, I would have to say no

>Annoyingly, the show did not mention any details (not even the name of who was
>making such a claim).

I'll check.


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Many say it was a mistake to come down from the trees, some say
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