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RE: Jurassic Park games 'n stuff

In message Thu, 8 Dec 1994 09:04:39 -0500,
  "Rafert, John" <JRAFERT@xray.indyrad.iupui.edu>  writes:

> I believe there is a Jurassic Park game for PC manufactured by Ocean. It
> is  available on 3.5 and cd-rom, and I believe the price to be around
> $35.00  retail. I don't own a copy (no cd-rom drive at present), so I
> can't comment  on playability. It does have video clips.

Although it's a little embarrassing to have my first on-topic posting in a
while take computer games as its subject, I do have this program and can
report on it. The Ocean game is comprised of two sections, the first of which
is of fairly standard arcade-format (3/4 bird's-eye-view of Grant as he wanders
around the park tasering various dinosaurs while trying to rescue the kids and
get to the central compound). The second half is a little more interesting,
involving a first-person perspective (again, Grant's POV) as you try to
restore power to the park. The animation is all very smooth and the music
(on the CD-ROM version, at least) is quite intense, but the graphics are
nothing particularly special. Contrary to previous postings, there are neither
hi-res graphics nor video clips (unless there is a new version of the game
of which I'm unaware, which is fairly unlikely). Since my arcade reflexes are
less than finely-honed, I'm afraid I wasn't able to get very far in either
section, but it's probably a nice program for people who have had experience
with video games.

There is also a Jurassic Park Screen Saver from Asymetrix which, again, is
unfortunately not all that it could be. Although there are some nice screen
posters and wallpaper, as well as a few decent audio clips (my Windows
startup now opens on a Tyrannosaur bellow over the "watering hole" scene with
the Brachiosaurs and Parasaurolophi), there are no video clips and the
screen saver modules themselves, while entertaining, are nothing
extraordinary. It's a fairly inexpensive program, though, and the CD version
has quite a lot of neat stuff on it, so I still consider it a worthwhile

On a more positive note, LucasArts has confirmed that they'll be releasing
a Jurassic Park game sometime in '95 (probably not until midway through the
year or later), incorporating the CGI dino models from the film.
Nothing has been officially stated about the content; I've heard rumors
that it will be another first-person shooter with a style along the lines
of their Star Wars CD-ROM game, "Rebel Assault," although I'm rather hopeful
that they'll make an adventure/puzzle game out of it (I have this image of a
lab scientist as the main character, stranded during the evacuation on the
other side of the island from Grant and co., trying to maintain experiments
and survive without having to resort to yet another depressing "dino-kill"
game). Between this and Speilburg's LucasArts game "The Dig"
(paleoarchaeology in space), there should be a few interesting programs of
the paleo genre next year. I hope they're done well, and I'm looking forward
to giving them a try!

Dan Lipkowitz