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new sauropod from Thailand

Seen in Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences, Paris, t.319, pp.
1085-1092: "A new genus of sauropod from the Sao Khua Formation (Late
Jurassic of Early Cretaceous) of northeastern Thailand" by V. Martin, E.
Buffetaut and V. Suteethorn.

Abstract: A partly articulated skeleton from the Sao KHua Formation (Late
Jurassic or Early Cretaceous) of Phu Wiang (northeastern Thailand) is
referred to a new genus and species of sauropod, _Phuwiangosaurus
sirindhornae_. This new genus is very different from the Late Jurassic
Chinese sauropods. Abundant juvenile remains attributed to _Phuwiangosaurus
sirindhornae_ provide some data on the hitherto poorly known sauropod

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