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Re: Taphonomy

Thom Holmes writes:

>There was a recent inquiry here about books on taphonomy. There is a new one I
>am aware of called, Vertebrate Taphonomy by R. Lee Lyman, published by
>Cambridge Univ. Press. 1994.

Another is "Taphonomy: Releasing the Data Locked in the Fossil Record"
P.A. Alison & D.E.G. Briggs (eds). Plenum Press, New York. ISBN: 0-306-43876-3

Published in 1991. It covers quite a lot of ground and even panders to
vertebratocentrics with a chapter on "Terestrial Bone Accumulations" by
Anna Behrensmeyer, who, despite being a vertebratocentric, is pretty damn
good. :-)


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